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 Compare KitchenAid KGCU467VSS vs Capital CGRT604G4N - Rangetops

Rangetops Comparison

KitchenAid KGCU467VSS Capital CGRT604G4N

General features

Depending on the type of the burners and exterior design, rangetops are divided into several styles, like grill, wok, open burner and sealed burner.

Capital CGRT604G4N will definitely meet the needs of professional chefs or real cooking amateurs. Rangetops with open burner style are flexible and functional. Besides they are more powerful than their sealed burner competitors, what means that they cook the dishes much faster.

Rangetops with sealed burners, like KitchenAid KGCU467VSS, are widely-used for residential and commercial purposes. They are easier to clean than their open burner counterparts and besides they provide you with accurate temperature control and even distribution of heat, while cooking.

Technical Details

Gas rangetops can run on different gas types, like liquid propane or natural gas. The type of gas depends on the primary source of power that is used in your living area.

Despite the fact that propane is hotter (1 cu. ft. of propane is equal to 2500 BTU, while natural gas produces only 1030 BTU of power), natural gas is still considered to be an effective and cost-efficient source of energy. Rangetop with this gas type, like Capital CGRT604G4N, will provide you with flexible and affordable operation. From low simmering to robust flame, this type of items offers precise and convenient temperature control.

Continuous grates in KitchenAid KGCU467VSS and Capital CGRT604G4N let you slide pots and pans from one burner to another, without lifting them. With this feature the usage of a rangetop becomes more convenient and easy.

General features

The number of burners in rangetops varies from model to model. According to this criterion the items are divided into: compact (1 – 3), standard (4 – 6) and large (7 – 10).

Standard rangetop KitchenAid KGCU467VSS with 6 burners is a worthy option for traditional families of 3 or 4. This type of appliances offers accurate and flexible operation, attractive design and high-end options.

Large rangetops with 7 – 10 burners are widely used in restaurants, cafes and other commercial places. Capital CGRT604G4N with 8 burners will provide you with additional opportunities and comfort. Such items will definitely meet the needs of professional chefs, real cooking amateurs and large families with 5 or more members.


Width of rangetops is measured in inches and it is one of the main criteria during the selection. According to this parameter, rangetops are divided into: compact (15 – 24 inches), medium (25 – 36 inches) and large (37 – 60 inches).

Medium rangetops (with 25 – 36 inches in width) are commonly used for residential purposes. If you wish to have “pro-look” kitchen, with enough space for cooking, then KitchenAid KGCU467VSS with 36 inches in width will definitely meet your needs. High-end performance, precise temperature control and convenient operation are guaranteed.

Large rangetops are widely used for commercial purposes. This type of appliances offers extra-large cooking surface, high-end features and convenient operation. Capital CGRT604G4N with 59.88 inches in width is a good choice for large families, professional chefs and those, who cook at home often and a lot.

Output Power

Rangetops with over 20000 BTU output cook and heat up dishes twice faster than their counterparts. KitchenAid KGCU467VSS with 20000 BTU and Capital CGRT604G4N with 23000 BTU power will save your time, provide with additional cooking opportunities and options. This type of rangetops offers a wide temperature range, so it can be used not only for boiling water or roasting meat, but also for melting chocolate and softening butter.

Other Features

Capital CGRT604G4N includes a griddle attachment that provides you with more cooking options and opportunities. It lets you cook everything, from pancakes to steaks. Such rangetops ensure fast heat up, even heat distribution and excellent cooking results.

Show Differences
KitchenAid KGCU467VSS Capital CGRT604G4N
From $1999 From $7094
General features
Fuel Type
Gas Gas
Sealed Burner Open Burner
6 8
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
+ +
Culinarian Series
Technical Details
Downdraft Venting
- -
Continuous Grates
+ +
Hot Surface Indicator Light
- -
Surface Type
Burner Type
Sealed Burner
Gas Type
Natural Gas
Volts (V)
120 120
Amps (A)
15 15
Frequency (Hz)
Output Power
Set 1 QTY(Gas)
2 8
Set 1 Output(Gas) (BTU)
20000 23000
Set 2 QTY(Gas)
Set 2 Output(Gas) (BTU)
Set 3 QTY(Gas)
Set 3 Output(Gas) (BTU)
Other Features
Modules Required
- -
- +
- -
- -
Surface Color
Stainless Steel
LP Conversion
Star-K Certified
- -
Width (inch)
36 59.88
Depth (inch)
27.8125 26.63
Height (inch)
7.5 8.31
Cutout Width (inch)
35.25 58.9375
Cutout Depth (inch)
22.25 23.125
Cutout Height (inch)