Dishwashers Comparison


General Features

Dishwashers differ by size, design and installation method. In accordance with these criteria the units are divided into: built-in, portable, countertop, commercial and drawer types.

GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW belong to the built-in category that is the most highly-demanded by the customers today. They are a beneficial solution for middle- and large-sized families and for homeowners, who have a spare room in the kitchen and wash large loads of dishes.

Depending on the quantity of five-piece sets that a dishwasher can accommodate, the units are divided into: compact (5 – 8 pieces), standard (9 – 12 pieces) and tall tub (13 – 20 pieces).

Tall tub dishwashers GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW with 16 pieces capacity are worthy investment for large-size families with 5 and more people. This type of appliances is often used in commercial purposes.


Dishwashers' controls are available in three styles: fully integrated, full console and semi-integrated.

Dishwashers GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW feature traditional full console control style, what means that the control panel is located at the top of the door. This style of controls is convenient and time-proven.

GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW are equipped with electronic display that allows you to select a necessary washing, rinsing or drying cycle easily and quickly. It can also let you know the durability of a cycle.

Child lock in GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW is a useful feature for families with kids. It allows you to lock the control panel and so prevent children from opening the dishwasher or changing the cycle.

Cycle Features

GE GLD7400RWW comes with Delay Start feature that allows you to set the time, when you want a dishwasher to start, for example during low-rate electricity time, when you leave home or sleep.

Technical Details

Dishwashers are available with several tub types and they are: tall and standard.

GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW feature tall tub type that is specially designed to increase the capacity of the dishwasher and to provide you with more convenience. This type of dishwashers comes with better sound-dampening design.

LG LDS4821WW features stainless steel interior that is reasonably considered to be more durable and reliable. This type of dishwashers is more resistant to odors, stains and bacteria growth.

The material of dishwasher tub can be: stainless steel, plastic or combination of stainless steel and plastic.

GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW include a Sensor Clean feature that ensures excellent cleaning results and efficient operation. With the help of sensors dishwashers detect how dirty dishes are and make sure that all dirty water is recirculated through the wash cycle.

Dishwasher racks have been improved considerably during the last decades. Today they are made of metal mainly and can be coated with: nylon, vinyl or PVC.

GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW come with nylon-coated racks that are considered to be the most resistant to chipping and scratching. This material is used to minimize wear and tear.

Other Features

GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW come with Hard Food disposer that allows you to put dishes in the dishwasher, without rinsing them first. This feature saves your time and prevents the plugging of the unit's drain system.

GE GLD7400RWW and LG LDS4821WW come with adjustable upper rack that provides you with more flexibility and convenient. This feature allows you to accommodate large and oddly-shaped dishes easily and quickly.

Show Differences
From $610 From $629
General Features
Energy Star
+ +
White White
Built In Built In
Capacity (pl. s.)
16 16
Dry Type
Both Both
7400 Series 4800 Series
Noise Level (dBA)
54 52
Tall Tub Tall Tub
Cycle Features
6 4
Delay Start
+ -
China/Crystal Setting
- -
Heavy Duty Wash
+ +
Quick Wash Setting
+ +
High Temperature Wash
+ -
Number of Options
Wash System
6-Level PureClean
Wash Sensor
Control Style
Full Console Full Console
Control Type
Sensor Touch Digital
Child Lock
+ +
Electronic Display
+ +
Technical Details
Stainless Steel Interior
- +
Sensor Clean
+ +
Water Filtration
+ +
Water Heating
+ +
Number of Spray Arms
3 3
Rack Material
Nylon Nylon
Tub Height
Tall Tall
Tub Material
Stainless Steel
Door Style
Long Door
Tub and Door Liner
Motor Type
QuietPower Motor
Exterior Style
Leveling Legs
Door Appearance
Full-length contour door
Hard Countertop GPF65
Door Insulation
Mastic Damping Sheet
Volts (V)
120 120
Amps (A)
10 15
Frequency (Hz)
Calrod Heater Watts
Other Features
- -
Accepts Panels
- -
Cutlery Tray
- -
Rinse Aid Dispenser
+ +
Hard Food Disposer
+ +
Adjustable Upper Rack
+ +
Fold-Down Tines
- -
NSF Certified Rinse
+ +
Star-K Certified
Upper Rack
4-Position Adjustable Nylon Deep Tiered Removable
Lower Rack
Towerless Nylon
Water Filtration System
Self-Cleaning 5-Stage Filtration with ExtraFine Filter
Outer Wrap
Insulation Blanket
Racking System
Nylon Towerless
Pocket Handle
Width (inch)
24 23.75
Depth (inch)
25 24.625
Height (inch)
33.75 33.625
Shipping Weight
Parts Warranty
Limited 1-year entire appliance
Labor Warranty
Limited 1-year entire appliance
084691207139 048231009706