How to avoid traps and effect a purchase?

Manufacturers spend millions of dollars to make you buy Their products in a supermarket. Recent researches show that one minute, spent in a modern American supermarket, is equal to 2,5 dollars spent. How can we resist the variety of traps and tricks of retailers?
We suggest you several advices that will help you to avoid advertising traps:

Go shopping with a set list of products.

This list allows you to shop more economically and thoughtfully. Supermarket is organized in such manner as to make a customer stay there too long and to take decisions on the purchases on the spur of the moment. Admit, it is not so easy to work way through passages, obstructed with goods and busy workers. However this is another little ruse that is appealed to hold you back on the way to cashdesk.

Call at a supermarket satisfied.

In this way your decisions won’t be dictated by hunger and you will be able to follow the shopping list rationally. Supermarkets use flavoring, in order to earn on your hunger, and also offer various snacks and fast-food products.

Go shopping without kids.

Leaving children at home or at a game room you will be able to concentrate on the purpose of your visit better. It is much easier to stay rational, when you are calm, when you are not urged on by anyone or when there is no one to grizzle. Besides you will avoid unintended, but desirable by a child, purchases.

Buy proven brands.

Try to make a decision on the brand names beyond advertising space. In this wise you will avoid different tricks that are concealed in goods’ arrangement on the shelves. Shelves that are located at eye level are the most attractive for selling, because a great deal of customers’ attention is turned to them automatically. Usually those goods, which should be sold first and foremost, are placed on these shelves (products with expiring pull-date, paid out placing, campaign products). Lower shelves are meant for sweets, so your child could see them and give no peace to you till you don’t buy them. Pay attention to the whole commercial range of goods and make a conscious choice.

Taking goods from shelves, ask yourself – “do I really need this?”

Signs “Sale” or “Discount” are general methods of attracting customers’ attention. In this case primary attention goes off and a customer, like a child, takes a notice of bright (usually red) captions. What is the reason for a reduced price?

  • – In fact there is no sale. Supermarkets often indicate old price and a new one, with discount. However, in most cases, “old” price is imaginary or overestimated, so a customer felt an appreciable difference between these two numbers.
  • – Initiation of demand. For example, buying shower gel you get bath sponge as a gift. But, of course, price of the “gift” have been already included in total cost.

Calculate the sum that you will pay at the cashdesk, while shopping.

Play on price tags is another trap of supermarkets. Small print, indication of several prices (with/without discount), shifted placing of price tags under goods – all these tricks are meant to make you ignore the cost. In contrast to supermarkets, we appreciate our money and tend to save it. Remembering the total cost of goods in the shopping cart you will immune to the temptation of buying unnecessary products.

Allocate small sums on spontaneous purchases.

In any case it is hard to leave a supermarket without buying anything unplanned. As spontaneous purchases we can buy a new product or brand that has caught our attention or various sundries offered at the cashdesk. Selling at the cashdesk is the last chance to get some more money from a customer. With this particular purpose supermarkets restrict the number of operating cashdesks to create a line. And of course a bored customer will catch up one more “necessary” thing ultimately. Planning your budget you should take into account the possibility of impulse purchases and, as a result, overrun of paid amount at the cashdesk. In this way you will avoid unpleasant emotional experience.

We wish you enjoyable shopping!