Hamilton Beach HB-P100N30AL-S3

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Hamilton Beach HB-P100N30AL-S3
  • Attractive design
  • Heats evenly
  • Price
  • Unreliable
  • Poor customer support
  • Not enough capacity
Product Details:
Countertop — Capacity: 1.1 cu. ft. — White — Electronic — Wattage: 1000 Watts — (H) 11.81 x (W) 21.22 x (D) 16.93 inch

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peice of junk
Heather , 02/13/2015
Experience of using: Less than a month

We just bought this microwave and the stupid thing doesn't work on the first day. what a hub of junk. I'm so dissapointed.

Worst investment ever
Lisa McClain, 02/08/2015
Experience of using: About 6 months

Pros: None

Cons: Everything!

Purchased this microwave and the motor went within 1 month, returned it to the store for another one. Now 9 months later the second one is falling apart. The paint on the top and bottom of the microwave is peeling off and turning all to rust. All items must be covered because the top is falling into our food. This item is trash. When you call customer service they want the receipt and the box to only refund half of your money back.... I told them that my whole microwave was broken not half of it... Stay away from any Hamilton beach product. they claim they no longer replace their own products just give you half of your money back. What a racket!!!

Dont' throw your money away
K. Damon, 01/01/2015
Experience of using: 1 year or more

Pros: Cooking performance, Heats Evenly, Price.

Cons: Doesn't last, Noisy, Unstable tray.

I wish I read the other reviews before investing in this microwave. I expected better quality in a Hamilton Beach product; now I'm turned off by this brand in general. Microwave mostly worked well until the glass tray started to make a screeching noise as it turned (for the last 6 months) and the back of the microwave made a sparking noise when turned on (last 2 months) before the heating went out. Like the other reviews, everything on the microwave appeared to function correctly while it worked. We were going to try replacing the fuse. Why bother - it's not worth it.

Buy the extended warranty
ed, 12/10/2014
Experience of using: 1 year or more

Pros: price

Cons: wont last

While I have owned this model for about a year, I only use it to re-heat coffee....30-40 seconds a few time a week. It died a few days ago. I got to this site looking to see if there was an internal fuse I could replace as the unit starts but does not heat. I should have bought the extended warranty. I will the next time.

Piece of Junk!
Rileysmom1985, 05/04/2014
Experience of using: Few months

Cons: Doesn't last, Noisy, Poorly built, Unreliable.

I purchased this microwave about 4 months ago. I take good care of it, keep it clean etc. When I try to use the defrost, it cooks whatever is in the microwave. Also, the 2 only works periodically. Don't waste your money!

Doesn't last!
Klair N., 12/19/2012
Experience of using: Few months

Pros: Price.

Cons: Doesn't last, Unreliable.

This Hamilton Beach microwave is a real piece of junk! I used it only for about 3 or 4 months and it stopped heating. The unit starts, but doesn't heat. Absolutely useless now. It doesn't worth the money paid at all!

Even best than I thought.
rick38469607, 12/17/2012
Experience of using: About 6 months

Pros: Convenient features, Cooks quickly, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Heats Evenly.

We own this microwave for about 5-6 months and use it every day. It works great. All the dishes are heated evenly and quickly. There are various features that are very handy. Clean-up takes only several minutes, so I am absolutely satisfied with the purchase.

Don't waste your time.
Q77NYc, 10/27/2012
Experience of using: Few months

I owned this microwave for about four months and everything was fine, while it worked. The unit doesn't have lots of features and preset menus, but it suited me well. The problem is that it quit working and I can do nothing about that. I can't return it to the sho, because the 3-month warranty has already expired, and the warranty from manufacturer is very tricky, I can't activate it. I am sure that for this price there are lots of other microwaves, from other brands, that will last longer.

The company should stop producing this junk!
03Diana78, 10/07/2012
Experience of using: Less than a month

I bought this microwave on Christmas and I less than a month it stopped working at all. It didn't light up even! After reading numerous reviews I understood that almost all of these microwaves are poor-quality and they don't last. Wish I had read that earlier. Hamilton Beach should feel ashamed to label these microwave models with its name.

Don't recommend! Stay away!
Tnichols, 09/11/2012
Experience of using: Few months

Pros: Attractive design

Cons: Not enough capacity, Poor customer service, Poorly built, Unreliable

We owned this microwave for about 4 months and it quit working. It doesn't turn on and that's it! This model is too small and it doesn't let you cook, defrost or re-heat anything big in it. Standard dinner plate is the maximum that you can put inside.

When the unit stopped working I contacted customer service, in order to ask for a refund. They told me that it will take about four-six weeks... Whatever! I won't buy Hamilton Beach products anymore!

Such price can't be passed by.
J'o'Brien, 09/04/2012
Experience of using: Less than a month

Pros: Attractive design, Easy to Clean, Heats Evenly, Price

Cons: Noisy

This microwave had a very attractive price and I couldn't just pass by! I use it for about a month only, but it works really well. Frozen food comes out well- and evenly-cooked. Popcorn is great! Besides it is just well-designed and functional. Love it!

  • General Features

  • Type
  • Capacity
    1.1 cu. ft.
  • Convection
  • Color
  • Usage
  • Size
  • Built-In
  • Control

  • Control Type
  • Power Levels
  • Display
  • Child Lockout
  • Display Color
  • Display On/Off
  • Timer On/Off
  • Cooking Technology

  • Grill
  • Cooking

  • One-Touch Cooking
  • Sensor Cook
  • Auto Defrost
  • Programmable
  • Clock
  • Timer
  • Defrost (Weight/Time)
  • Popcorn
  • Pizza
  • Baked Potato
  • Beverage
  • Energy

  • Wattage
    1000 Watts
  • Other Features

  • Turntable
  • Light
  • Door opening
  • Optional Hanging Kit
  • Dimensions

  • Height
    11.81 inch
  • Width
    21.22 inch
  • Depth
    16.93 inch
  • Turntable Diameter
    12.4 inch
  • Shipping Weight
    35.27 lbs
  • Warranty

  • Warranty Terms - Labor
    1 Year
  • Warranty Terms - Parts
    1 Year
  • Miscellaneous

  • UPC

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